About Me

Hi, I am Noha and I am the author, photographer, and recipe developer here! I strive to document the food stories of my family and my personal adventures throughout the world. No matter where I go, food has been the universal language that I can communicate to everyone in.

I am passionate about clean and wholesome cooking and love finding the freshest produce and ingredients I can get my hands on. Supporting local, sustainable, fair trade food sources is my goal. In our family, we eat mostly seafood and plant-based meals. My goal here is to inspire YOU to cook and eat some delicious and flavorful plant based meals that stem from my family and cultural background. I love growing my own herbs and vegetables when I can during our short midwest summers. You can follow my journey by following me on Instagram


Growing up in an Egyptian household in Metro-Detroit, I had the immense privilege of tasting and experiencing delicious Mediterranean flavors at home and various Middle Eastern flavors in my vast local community that is heavily populated with Syrian, Lebanese, Iraqi, and Palestinian immigrants. My yearly visits to Egypt in Cairo and the Mediterranean coast of Alexandria gave me a wealth of experience with some of the freshest flavors and seafood. 

In my kitchen, I make every effort to avoid any processed and canned foods, and make almost everything from scratch. I impart these easy to incorporate practices and methods for flavorful and healthy recipes here on the blog. Try my recipes so you too can see how easy it is to incorporate clean eating and fresh ingredients into your life.


Food is art and the final product is a masterpiece that reflects a passion, a skill, or story. 

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Buying, growing, and eating organic and clean foods.

In our home, clean and whole foods is the only way to go. When I started raising my own children I felt the need to clean up our eating habits and provide my kids’ natural little bodies with the cleanest and most nutrient dense food options.

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