Eid Gifts for Summer Fun

Eid is only 10 days away! Are you ready? For some festive decor ideas and activities, be sure to check my post about Ramadan Fun and how to make Maamoul and Eid cookies with the kids. Most of the decorations and vendors I share are perfect for Eid as well! I made the sign below using cardboard letters, painting them with acrylic paint and then some glitter paint. There is also this festive LED letter option that I love!

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I made this EID sign with my kids, using cardboard letters, painting them with acrylic paint, and then some glitter paint.

Right about now, you may be searching for some fun Eid gift ideas for the family. Well, given our current circumstance of social distancing, most summer programs, camps, and travel is CANCELLED. To keep this Eid holiday exciting and also serve your summer plans, make sure you have some gift ideas to include outdoor play and indoor activities to keep the kids and everyone in the family active and busy! Here is a list of some of our favorites over the years, and some we plan to gift this spring to keep the kids busy all day, all summer!

Our family has started this Ramadan treasure chest, which appears at the beginning of the month and triggers a lot of excitement! Once they fill it with toys and clothes in good condition to donate, they start receiving their Eid gifts in here…

Nature Fun and exploration

Like most kids around the world, your child was likely in front of the computer or a screen for most of the remainder of the school year. It is time to get out and dirty with nature! Here are some of our favorites. You don’t need to guide the kids much; their curiosity and excitement will lead the way!

  1. Garden gloves to dig in the dirt! You will definitely want some kid sized gardening gloves such as this set that comes in a multi-pack for several kids, or an individual pair like this Melissa and Doug water proof pair. If your child loves the sensory play of digging in the dirt and mud like mine do, you will especially appreciate these.

2. Garden tools: Plant some seeds or a seedling from a garden center (such as Home Depot) in the dirt or in a pot. Sunflower seeds, leafy greens, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes all grow well if tended to with some good sunlight and enough water. My kids absolutely LOVE harvesting the cherry tomatoes throughout summer. A handy garden kit with a shovel the right size for small hands is another wonderful tool set kids would enjoy for the outdoors, whether planting in a pot or right into the dirt. If your kids are older than age 5, you may want a heavy duty shovel that does get some garden work done. We love this trowel for its large heavy duty grip and purposeful shape to make the digging easier. Just be sure to practice safety first!

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3. Another fun way to enjoy and explore nature is with a bug catching kit- just be sure they kids are instructed to let their critters free once they made observations. I really love this simple tool by Carson optics, as it encourages only the observation of critters, and not the capture.

If you are looking for a small container to observe critters for a longer period, this is an excellent carrier:

Active play and sports

There is really a lot you can do outdoors, if you get creative. Here is a list of some of our favorite outdoor games, which are also great to pull out for large play groups or parties:

  1. A volleyball and a net is easy to set up in any backyard, and would offer great fun for the whole family. If you want a durable and quality net, this Baden set is one of the best you can get, and it also includes badminton racquets for 2 games in 1:

2. A basketball to shoot around with either at home, or the neighborhood playground and hoops can offer endless fun! A soccer ball is also very easy to enjoy anywhere.

3. Outdoor games such as bean bag toss or ring toss are always fun, especially for family gatherings or parties. These are also portable fun to take to parks and picnics, because soon we will be able to do this again I hope!

4. With high temps around the corner, you may want to get everyone a water blaster, especially if social distancing is prolonged into the summer. Children and adults alike will have endless fun having a water soaking fight! It’s a sure way to have great fun, from a distance!

5. This climbing dome is a top seller on Amazon and back in stock! It is durable to withstand both the weather and the kids climbing, and it is a great outdoor adventure if you don’t want to commit to expensive and permanent play-set installations.

6. Water bombs are another fun way to stay cool in the heat, while also maintaining social distancing. Water bombs are an eco-friendly solution to water balloons. They are reusable, will not litter the yard or space with latex and plastic, and usually dont hurt as much as a balloon popping on you! ALl you need is a large tub or bucket of water and throw these in and you are set for hours of explosive fun!

Indoor activities

I have always organized all of our play objects in a way that they are conducive to creating, thinking, or problem solving. Storage bins to keep different play toys organized in is a life saver, and makes clean-up easier for kids.

  1. Magnatiles or any magnetic block building set is really fun for almost every kid. We keep them in canvas bins on a toy shelf and pull it out whenever other children are around. They are a sure way to keep kids busy, but they can be expensive, unfortunately. Here is a set we have tried and loved, and the kids would always be thrilled to get more:

2. Legos and a lego table are an excellent way to keep kids busy for a long period of time. The creativity and problem solving is also a wonderful element that goes into building. My kids love their legos, but they are always all over the place which is a real PAIN. I decided to get this lovely table that keeps legos organized in a bin, and also gives the children a clear boundary as to where these little painful blocks may lie around.

3. Building blocks are such a wonderful way to keep kids of all ages. This beautiful FAO Schwartz wooden block set allows kids to use problem solving skills to build a castle! You have the option to purchase a 75 piece set or 150 piece set, for only a $10 difference, so I would definitely go for the set twice as big. Lincoln logs are another favorite both in my home and the classroom. Kids love the open creativity to construct with these interlocking logs to create whatever they please with this set. Bonus fact: Lincoln Logs were developed by a Chicago local, John Lloyd Wright the son of famed Chicago architect, Frank Lloyd Wright!

4. Brain Blox are an awesome building kit that stimulates the imagination and creativity. This educational building set is perfect for all stages of brain development.

Dramatic and Imaginative Play

  1. Play table– a good play table to anchor where kids can color, play, eat snacks has always been integral part of our toddler home. I love this modern white set:

I also love this folding table by Little Tikes; we got it as a birthday gift when my daughter turn 1 and it has been use for all these years after. It also serves as a great outdoor space for painting, bubbles, gardening, and picnics.

  1. A play kitchen is another wonderful way to anchor some play space in the home. This area can be filled with play food and kitchen tools for hours of imaginative play that is great for both social and emotional development as well as cognitive growth.

Sensory Play

  1. Kinetic Sand is an instant way to occupy kiddos of all ages. The sensory experience captivates children and adults alike, and it is not messy (thats a win-win in my book). Just add in some of their favorite animal or dinosaur figurines and you are set for the hours of play! This set below is a great value with 6 lbs of sand in three different colors!

2. Another way we have been keeping busy at home is with polymer clay. Polymer clay has a similar consistency to real pottery clay and it bakes in a home oven. The kids really love seeing their creations come to life, as their work becomes little ceramic pieces. This set comes with a variety of colors, as well as some useful sculpting tools they will need for details.

STEM games

There are a ton of classic board games most people know about. Below I list some of my favorite problem solving and critical thinking games perfect to play at home, while applying mathematical and science concepts.

  1. Crazy Tower is very similar to Jenga, but it has a few more rules making the fun a lot more crazy, literally! Gravity and balance come into play, as does concepts of perimeter and area when kids figure out their strategies and scores. I love this game, hence it is #1 here!

2. Rush Hour is one the best selling problem solving games. The whole family can enjoy this one too. The logic and problem solving skills in your child will come alive here.

3. SmartGames Little Red Riding Hood is an awesome puzzle perfect for preschoolers and up. Adults can use story telling as they play to really engage the child to help Red escape from the wolf. This is another logic based puzzle that serves from beginner level preschoolers, to masters. The puzzle in conveniently sized making it perfect for travel too!

4. SmartGames IQ puzzles is another favorite! We have 2 of them and there are a few other versions available on Amazon. The one below is my favorite, especially because it does not have so many little pieces that can go missing. This compact case holds everything you need, and slips right in my purse so I take it with me on the go (restaurants, someone’s house, travel). This will keep kids occupied with over 120 puzzles starting from easy level to master (where the parents even struggle to solve!)

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