Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

My little sweet pea’s third birthday party was coming up and it was going to be a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse bash. She specifically requested Mickey Mouse cupcakes, and I cannot deny such an adorable request and culinary task so I set out to find out how to make them. I knew it was going to be a chocolatey cupcake as an ode to the mouse’s brown/black color. And when I saw pictures online of these Mickey Mouse cupcakes using Oreos as the ears I knew exactly what I was going to do. I wanted to use something a little bit more chocolatey though and smaller in size. I immediately thought of the thin mint cookies that you can buy from Girl Scouts. But I didn’t know where to find a Girl Scout at this time so I just went for the York Peppermint Patties! Score! The dark chocolate flavor went perfectly with my cupcakes. So here we are with our chocolatey cupcakes with Mickey ears.


 For the chocolate cupcake, I wanted the perfect flavor and I knew I was making them from scratch. I tried a couple of different recipes but this one was by far is the best. This chocolate cupcake recipe is from Sally’s baking addiction and I followed it pretty much exactly except for adding some espresso to bring out the chocolate notes. It is the perfect combination of fudge, moist, and decadent! They were in between a brownie and fudge but still tasted and felt like a cupcake!

Picturessugarandgarlic2013-4 Picturessugarandgarlic2013-3

 I also used Sally’s  dark chocolate frosting which is absolutely amazing! Try it out; you will love it! I also opted to fill the cupcakes with a dark chocolate ganache which is SO easy to make and is HUGE in flavor. I made the ganache using this simple recipe from Savory Sweet Life.  To fill the cupcake, I just cored out the center using a lemon juicer and piped in some cooled ganache with a ziploc bag.

Picturessugarandgarlic2013-8 Picturessugarandgarlic2013-9

I also made a few salted caramel cupcakes, filled those with caramel and topped with dark chocolate frosting! These were my favorite!

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Picturessugarandgarlic2013-19 mickeycupcakes2

To make some Minnie Mouse cupcakes, I went for a vanilla version with pink frosting. I found adorable candy molds shaped as a bow so that we can make Minnie Mouse bows. For this we just melted some candy melts in the microwave and I let my daughter spoon the melted candy into the mold tray. Once they hardened, my daughter and her cousins got to place the bows onto the pink Minnie Mouse cupcakes. For these vanilla cupcakes I used the fluffy vanilla cake recipe which was the same recipe I used in my number three cake. I also used the vanilla buttercream recipe and added red dye to make the pink frosting. Some nonpareils sprinkles completed the look!