Pizza Night


We made pizza today. We tried this a while ago when I conned my husband into cooking for me. He was a pizza boy back in high school, so I seized the opportunity! He denies being able to cook anything, but there was no way out of the pizza request since he’s assembled hundreds of pizzas at Pizza Hut for 2 years! Anyways, assembling the pizza with our daughter and with our own fresh seasonal vegetables and homemade pizza sauce was such a hit, I am trying to do it every two weeks or so! If you go into Trader Joe’s, they have some great fresh made pizza doughs (garlic herb is my favorite) for $1.99. My friend Suzane (Hi Suzane!) tells me the pizza counter at Whole Foods will also sell fresh dough if you request it and it is even easier to roll out (the whole wheat flax is awesome!) I use this pizza opportunity to load up on some fresh veggies and nobody really notices because they are so excited to eat the pizza they made and its all covered in hot gooey cheese! I used zucchini, portabella mushrooms, kalamata olives, juicy tomatoes (yes hubby you ate zucchini and tomatoes both of which you despise!), garlic, asparagus spears, and sliced red bell peppers. What a delicious Mediterranean combo! My daughter is obsessed with feta cheese so of course we sprinkled some all over. What a hit this was! My husband wasn’t home when I actually made this and he thought I bought the pizza from a gourmet shop. Not a bad deal for about $3 a pizza! I also like to use broccoli florets and basil in the mix, but the key is to not overload the cheese or the toppings so that the pizza is not too heavy and bakes to the perfect crunch. The pizza sauce I use is adapted from a recipe found on, I just omit the anchovy because I am not a fan. I also simmer the sauce with a fresh onion cut in half so that its juices cook into the sauce. If you do not have time to make sauce, I also tried the fresh pizza sauce at Trader Joe’s found in the refrigerated section. It’s great!

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All in all, this is a quick and easy way to get the kids (and husband) involved. Rolling out the dough is super fun, and letting them throw on the toppings and cheese is really the most kid friendly cooking can get! Of course, I could not stop smiling when I saw my daughter and husband chowing on the whole wheat pizza loaded with fresh veggies. SCORE! They had no idea how much good green fiber they were consuming!

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