Amazing 3rd Birthday Cake


This cake was definitely the star of the show, after my daughter of course! It looked absolutely fabulous and all the little kids could not WAIT to eat it, because who doesn’t love M&Ms?! 





I saw this picture on Pinterest from Enchanted Mommy a year ago and pinned it intending to definitely try it out for my daughter’s third birthday party. So when the time came I checked out the blog, but there were hardly any instructions as to how exactly to make the cake.
So I documented the process step-by-step and hopefully this will help you all in making your own number three -or number eight cake! It was really pretty easy; it is just very time-consuming.
My daughter wanted sprinkles in her cake, a funfetti cake,  so I needed a good vanilla cake recipe to start with. I tried several different funfetti and vanilla recipes but none of them were moist and fluffy enough for what I wanted to achieve. They were either very buttery or too dense which was not the flavor I was going for. I finally found this awesome fluffy vanilla cake recipe on Sweetapolitas website. It was perfectly fluffy! I also used this for my Minnie Mouse cupcakes and followed her vanilla buttercream recipe for the pink Minnie Mouse frosting.

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Picturessugarandgarlic2013-7 Picturessugarandgarlic2013-10
Once I had my cakes on my board I cut them in the proper places to make my number three shape. You will stick the two cakes together using some frosting. It is important to use a serrated knife when cutting these cakes so that you don’t crumble the whole thing.
Before you frost the cake you want to have your M&Ms ready to go because once the frosting goes on the cake you need to put the M&Ms on right away before the frosting Hardens. So I sorted my M&Ms by color so that it was easy and a quick application as I was placing my pattern on the cake. I used a large bag of M&Ms from Costco and there was plenty-more than half left over-so you could get away with buying maybe 3 to 4 regular sized bags from the store.

For the frosting I used a very easy to make ganache frosting found on savory sweet life, but you can use any frosting. I frosted the whole cake very generously; you need enough frosting in order to be able to push an m&m into it and hold well. The areas where I had a thin slather of frosting was a little bit more difficult to stick the M&Ms. Also keep in mind that you will need to place the M&Ms very soon after the frosting because once the frosting hardens the M&Ms will not stick so you cannot take a break in between these two steps. It will also help to do this in a warm environment because if the air is cold the frosting will harden faster. I kept a bowl of extra frosting with a butter knife near me as touch up “glue”.
Placing the M&Ms is the most time-consuming part of this whole process; you just need to have the time. It was very fun and it was actually a step where I was able to engage my daughter; I allowed her to help me sort the colors and place a few. The candies have the letter “m” only on one side so you simply place them facedown so that the “m” does not show. Follow that pattern shown in the picture to place your M&Ms in patterned rows along the curves of the three.
Once you are done covering your cake with the m&ms cover with plastic wrap and store on a counter at room temperature. I made the cake the night before the birthday party so it stored very well on my dining room table overnight. Do not place the cake in the refrigerator as this will cause the m&ms to turn white in color.

Picturessugarandgarlic2013-151 Picturessugarandgarlic2013-20
This cake really presents beautifully and is definitely a showstopper everybody absolutely loved it and the kids could not wait to eat it! I will definitely be making this again at her 8th birthday party! I have to say nobody even paid much attention to the fancy store-bought cake with Mickey Mouse on it. I could’ve saved myself a bit of money had I realized that and just made the number three cake on its own! Have fun!